8 Most Effective Exercises To Reduce Love Handles (Muffin Top)

Muffin tops are a cute breakfast treat, but there’s nothing cute about the excess fat that you gain from eating too many. Getting rid of your own personal muffin top – that ring of fat that pours over your waistband – requires dietary focus and, of course, physical activity.


No magic moves target your middle fat. You can’t twist or extend it away. Only a total-body fat-loss approach will succeed. As your body loses fat, your low back pudge and muffin top will shrink. You may want these areas to go first, but your body is ultimately in charge.

Exercises To Reduce Muffin Top Fat:

1. Hip Dips:


How to do:

  • Get down into the plank position with your abs tightened.
  • Lower into the forearm plank by bending your elbows and coming down on your forearms.
  • Now roll to your left side into a forearm side plank and stack your right leg over your left leg. Put your right hand on your hip.
  • Now dip your hip towards the floor and lift back.
  • Do 10 dips on this side and then roll to the other side and do 10 dips.

2. Stability Ball Oblique Crunch:


How to do:

  • ┬áplace your feet against a wall for a bit more stabilization, then lay sideways on the ball.
  • The ball should be placed under the lower torso.
  • Extend the body over the ball, then rise back up crunching the abs and obliques.
  • Once you get more comfortable with the exercise, move away from the wall.
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