8 Exercises that Disappears Stretch Marks on Butt-Thighs-Stomach

5. T-pushups:


This exercise works the chest and core muscles by tightening up the skin – especially if you already suffer from stretch marks on your cleavage.

How to do it:

  • Start in a pushup position with your arms bended and hands flat on the ground, then push off to one side and extend your arm upwards.
  • Twist your torso and this way your ankles will develop into a line in the center.
  • Repeat this step on both sides of your body.

6. Lateral Leg Circles:

Targeted to the bottom half of your body, leg circles are the best way to tone your leg muscles and also smooth out any lines or stretch marks.

How to do it:

  • Use an exercise ball for extra stability, or just kneel on the floor with one side of body leaning against the wall.
  • Keep one knee bent, but extend the other leg outwards and make circular movements.
  • For best results you should do 10 circles clockwise and 10 circles anti-clockwise for each leg.

7. Strength training:


How to do it:

  • Keep stretch marks away by taking part in consistent strength training exercises.
  • Not only will this tone the entire body, but it will easily reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks as you train.
  • It is always best to start off slowly and then build your endurance, since weight training can sometimes cause stretch marks from appearing due to over-working the body.
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