How To Remove Acne Scars Overnight?



Sandalwood gives a cooling effect which soothes the skin. It helps to get rid of spots and scars naturally.


Make a composition of sandalwood with rose water.
Apply this composition on the pimple scars.
Rinse with water after 1 hour.



One of the best remedy for dark spots and patches is potato juice. If your skin is covered with blemishes, you can apply potato juice to remove dark spots. Follow few simple steps to get rid of dark spots overnight.


Slice up a fresh potato into thin pieces.
Put them on the affected areas of your face.
For a few minutes leave the slices on your skin.
Rinse your skin with warm water.
Else, make a more potent solution by grating potatoes and formulating a potato-honey face mask.
It will clear pimple marks effectively and let you get rid of dark circles easily.

Aloe vera:


Aloe vera contains polysaccharides, enzymes and nutrients. It is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial element. You can prevent pimple marks by treating the zits early. Aloe Veras being a natural dark spot healer, helps get rid of acne scars easily.


Choose a fresh and succulent aloe vera leaf.
Extract the aloe vera gel out from the leaf.
Gently massage the gel on the pimple mark or acne spot using your fingertips.
Apply this twice a day for toget rid of pimple marks naturally.
Alternatively, Aloe vera face mask is also helpful and give you a clear complexion by removing the spots.If you have age spots, dark spots and blemishes, acne and zits use the above mentioned cure to heal your skin.



Honey is a high-quality home remedy for curing acne and redness, pimple scars and dark spots. It contains antibacterial properties, which makes it a natural healer for many skin troubles.


  • Put some raw honey directly on the pimple scar before going off to sleep.
  • Leave it on the skin for the rest of the night.
  • Rinse it in the morning by using clean water.
  • Repeat the process if needed.
  • You can use honey to, fade, bleach and lighten dark spots on skin. It is recommended to use raw
  • honey to get rid of marks, spots and pimple scars left on the skin.



It is a cleansing agent for skin. It helps to clear skin from all sorts of infections. Water removes all the skin impurities by ex-foliating the skin. Start drinking at least 3-4 liters of water every day to keep your skin clear for the long run!

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