12 Simple Home Remedies to Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes Completely

3. Proper Sleep:


Lack of proper sleep is often a big contributor for under eye dark circles. Stressful lifestyle along with improper rest and fatigue can work as a primary reason for formation of dark circles in people of all the ages. Mental as well as physical stress due to high work pressure can also contribute to the factor.

4. Apply Teabags to Eyes:


Brew some tea with regular black teabags and apply the wet bags to the eye area. The tannin and caffeine in the brewed tea helps constrict the blood vessels to their original shape and can give you fast relief from puffiness and dark circles.

5. Mint:


Mint is great because of anti-bacterial properties. It also has astringent properties, which help to constrict blood vessels near the eyes. It is a cool and soothing remedy and a more effective solution to use if you are looking for the best home remedy for dark circles under eyes.


6. Buttermilk:


Buttermilk is a rich source of probiotics and lactic acid as well. Lactic acid can exfoliate skin to give it a radiance. The acidic and astringent properties of buttermilk can cure discoloration under eyes. It is used along with turmeric to get the anti-inflammatory effects of this very good spice for health and beauty as we discussed in the previous remedy.

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